Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017

Classic web design platform from Adobe that easily integrates with popular content management systems

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Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017
Adobe Dreamweaver CC CC 2014.1

Adobe Dreamweaver is a professional-grade web design app used by a vast number of people in the field of web development and creative design.

The latest version of Adobe Dreamweaver includes a number of small improvements rather than a few large changes. These small improvements are designed to streamline the process of coding so that it's easier and as fast as possible. A few of the new features added to this version of Dreamweaver include Live View Editing, Element Quick View, Live Insert, and the Help Center. When using the Live View feature, you can directly insert HTML elements and get an instant view of the changes.

This software uses a philosophy that centers around the idea of seeing your changes as you make them. This helps you see exactly how changes you make affect every aspect of the final product. If you don't like the default view that makes this possible, you can use the view mode that shows only code. With a split view, both views become visible at once. You can add audio, video, or images to your creation with simple drag-and-drop functionality, or you can use coding to insert such content. If you aren't happy with the layout of the elements, you can arrange them in any way you like.

In order to take full advantage of everything Dreamweaver can do, you'll need a working knowledge base related to HTML and CSS. The software includes several style sheets for CSS and HTML, but these will only take you so far. Like all the other major apps in the Adobe family, Dreamweaver is now part of the Creative Cloud subscription service.

Adobe isn't known for creating apps with exceptionally intuitive interfaces, and Dreamweaver is no different. Professionals will have no trouble using the software to its full potential, but it would take months or even years of practice and training to reach that level. Unlike older versions of Dreamweaver that were sold by permanent licenses, this version with Creative Cloud integration is part of a subscription plan that uses a monthly fee model instead. With the Creative Cloud, your projects are securely backed up, and you can make changes to your content from nearly anywhere. The main downside to the software is that you must maintain a monthly subscription to use it.

Even with the perceived negatives associated with the newest version of Adobe Dreamweaver, it is still a premium option for web design. Many industry professionals reference Dreamweaver as a standard tool, and it certainly has the power to exceed the expectations of those who use it to its full potential. This version supports Adobe ColdFusion, PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, CSS, XML, HTML, and XHTML file formats.


  • Produces Clean Code
  • Multiple Coding Language Support
  • Powerful Functions
  • Multimedia Integration
  • WordPress Integration
  • CSS Inspection Improvements


  • Requires Creative Cloud Subscription
  • Long Installation
  • Steep Learning Curve

Adobe Dreamweaver has an illustrious history, and its latest iteration continues the tradition. The program is a coding editor and web page designer with a simplified user interface and an array of powerful tools. The program is perfect for beginners, but advanced users will also find the flexibility and versatility they need to create custom pages.

The latest version of Adobe Dreamweaver does not feature any big changes to the software, but it includes many small improvements that make it easier and faster to use. If you're a Dreamweaver veteran, these upgrades will allow you to use the new software just as you used the previous version without needing to re-learn where everything is located.

The software includes many new features, including improved FTP performance, Fluid Grid Layout, updated PhoneGap support, and enhanced mobile support. The improved FTP performance allows you to upload larger files more quickly with a re-engineered transfer tool. Using it, you will be able to upload sites to the Internet at lightning speed, making everything you do for website design and maintenance more efficient.

The Fluid Grid Layout system allows you to create responsive web pages that will work across different platforms and browsers. The system's speed comes from using industry-standard code when developing new websites. The PhoneGap support makes it easy to create mobile apps by repurposing HTML code that has already been created. You can then use emulators to check your designs and make sure they work correctly.

The newest version of Adobe Dreamweaver also has an updated live view that lets you test pages before publishing them to the Internet. The software uses the latest WebKit version to provide the best HTML5 support. The program also has an updated preview panel that lets you view projects designed for tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers.

Adobe Dreamweaver has always been a pleasure to work with, and the latest version contains many tutorials that help new users learn how to use the program. Beginners also benefit from an extensive and straightforward help manual. Experienced users have many complex tools at their disposal, but novices and experts alike will appreciate the automated tag completion tool. It is easy to include images, Flash animation and audio on websites you are designing. Adobe Dreamweaver also lets you fully customize your own web pages or even design pages professionally.

Adobe Dreamweaver has the perfect layout for beginners and experienced programmers. The newest version hasn't changed much, making it easy for users of previous versions to jump right in and continue editing and developing new web pages.


  • Adds new features without unnecessary changes
  • Supports many coding languages
  • Features complex tools for experienced users
  • Integrates coding and design
  • Improves FTP performance
  • Allows you to customize websites
  • Previews pages before putting them on the web
  • Incorporates features that make it easier to create apps


  • Complex for beginners
  • Not compatible with Windows Vista
  • Requires 1 GB of free space to download

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